Please upload your layer in Google Earth to this page. Each layer will be compiled by the project coordinator into a composite layer that all participating schools will be able to use for comparative studies. Layers are also posted on the page for that particular book and a composite layer is on the main page.

Angles Ashes
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Enrique's Journey
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Human Traffic
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Invented Identities
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Rabbit Proof Fence
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When Asia Was the World Chapter Layers:
NCHS - Chapter 1 Monks and Monasteries
Chapter 2: Caliph and Caravan-
Chapter 3: Ibn Sina -
Chapter 4: Ingots and Artifacts: the Intan Shipwreck circa 1000 C.E
Chapter 5: Pepper and Partnerships: Abraham bin Yiju (1120- 1160 CE)
Chapter 6:
Chapter 7: Treasure and Treaty: Ma Huan
Chapter 8: Blood and Salt: Aubrey Kenefick, Sam Rutan, Michael Sosnick, Austin Wolff
Chapter 9: Medicines and Misunderstandings: Tome Pires - - David Luchs, Maddy Prior, Amelia Crigler, and Charlie Dorf