Invented Identities is a collection of seventeen stories of lesbians and gays from all over the world who have migrated. For various, individual reasons, they have all migrated from where they could not be what they were supposed to be to places where they could become and invent themselves. This book illustrates the difficulty and beauty in inventing and experiencing an identity when that identity is criticized. This book also explores the conflicts they encounter. These individuals deal with issues on both a political and personal level. As a result of being discriminated against many gays and lesbians have had to deal with re-inventing themselves and changing their identities.
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Video: Breakthrough: Immigration and Gay Couples
The video disscusses the troubles of a family who wanted to move back to their home town. They talk about how currently there is no legal way to sponsor your foreign born partner.It also disscusses the troubles that each couple faces due to their immigration troubles.
Article: Immigration Options for Gay, Lesbian, and Transgendered Individuals
This article disscusses how there are no legal immigration laws that allow for the migration of Gay, Lesbian, and Transgendered partners. It also disscusses some possibilities of how many homosexual couples can stay together.
Article: Keep Gay Couples United with Green Card Reforms
This article disscusses how a couple can bring in their partner as a "tourist" for 90 days before they have to return to back to their home. The article also disscusses how they might be closer to passing the Green Card Bill which would allow couples to get green cards into the country. One supporter of the Green Card Bill says that Obama's support means "for the first time (we can) make a really serious attempt to pass it"
Article: Canadian Leaders Agree to Propose Gay Marriage Laws
The Canadian Cabinet approved a gay marriage law in 2003 allowing the marriage of gay couples. Unlike the United States, Canada is allowing the marriage of gay couples which is a step forward for gay rights and possibly helping the advancement of gay immigration laws.
Article: David Cameron says Tory Party "has work to do" on Gay Rights
This article disscusses the how David Cameron, a leader of the conservative party in England believes work needs to be done on gay rights.He is one of the first to conservatives to do this. He believes that there are many issues on gay rights that people need to start solving.
Article: Gay Immigration Bill Introduced in Congress
This article explains the bill that will allow immigration rights to same-sex couples. This bill is attempting to end same-sex couples being forced to be separated from one another. Nadlar states that, “It should be an outrage to all Americans that our government continues to deny one set of citizens the
fundamental rights enjoyed by the rest of its citizens,”
Article:Gay Couple Split by Immigration Laws
This article, like the others disscusses why many couples are split up by immigration laws. Since the U.S. does not allow couples to bring there partner over to the states they are only allowed to stay for a short period of time.
Podcast: Activists Out As Calif. Court Weighs Gay Marriage
In this podcast many people are outraged by California's ban on gay marriage. Possibly if gay marriage was legalized then the problems of gay and lesbian immigration in the United States may not be as big of a problem. Many people are very hopeful that gays and lesbians will recieve more rights and that they will not face these troubles in the future.
Podcast: Homosexuality in Muslim World Shrouded in Secrecy
The Iranian president believes that homosexuality is not present in his country that causes an uproar in many people taking a stand to stop a secrecy of homosexuality in the Muslim world. Many people are upset by what the
Iranian President has said.
Video: Though Thick and Thin
Same sex marriages are not recognized as a family unit in the United States by the goverment. Many immigrate to receive rights as married people. Many of the gays and lesbians migrate to create new lives with there partners.